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Partnership with QueueBuster for Point of Solutions

We are glad to announce our partnership with QueueBuster to offer Point of Sale solutions to our users at an exclusive discount of 20%

About Queue Buster:-

At QueueBuster™ we are committed to provide world-class POS services. We let businesses focus on building customer relationship with your customers rather than having a hassle experience with POS.

For Small Enterprises Go for our mobile device if you have a small business operation, a mobile workforce, or less space on your counter.

  • Ideal Usage Less than 10,000 product SKUs 100-500 invoices / device / day

  • Business Types Small retail outlets, exhibitions, food trucks, spa & salon, mobile workforce, in-store billing by support staff

  • Available Configurations 1. Mobile device + Printer 2. Mobile device + Printer + Payment Terminal

For Medium Enterprises Go for a bigger screen if your operations are complex, require your customers to stand in long queues, or deal with higher number of products where barcode scanning becomes essential.

  • Ideal Usage More than 10,000 product SKUs More than 200-250 invoices / device / day

  • Business Types Fine Dine / QSR restaurants, grocery & retail outlets with huge number of customer invoices & inventory

  • Available Configurations 1. 11.6” - 14” touch screen + Printer 2. 11.6” - 14” touch screen + Printer + Payment Terminal

For Large Enterprises A large enterprise often requires a combination of devices from a permanently stationed screen on cash counter to mobile devices for in-store as well as out-stores executives. Reach out to us to design a solution specific to your requirements.

  • Ideal Usage More than 100,000 product SKUs More than 10,000 invoices / day

  • Business Types Large format retail chains, manufacturers, wholesaler, dis

To Avail the offer you can mail us at

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